Thursday, July 14, 2016

slow and steady UL research

it's pretty crazy how you really get into options once you start a new project.  There are 1XXX different versions of what I could do next so let's just start with these as initial inspiration for my upcoming 48UL!  The first part of the equation is the hardest.  UL/Big Twin frame or VL frame???

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Matt's 1948 UL

And so it begins, yet another bike started from a very small beginning. This is where the excitement begins, life, frustration, what can seem like an endless $ pit of good and not so good parts bought and sold to finally having something that drinks gas, spits oil and breathes fire that you can ride. The first kick when you hear it coming to life and that smile that overcomes you that no one can erase. What we have here is the beginning, the very early stage of something amazing that you can see if you look close enough and believe, fight, sweat, bleed, and endure! Its yours if you want it bad enough. And you do!
Some of whats in this picture is Matt's1948 UL